I want a French Bulldog

16 Feb

I made this collage in honor of my current pooch-obsession:


Solo Trip Across Iceland

5 Feb

Awesome self-shot video of a girl’s solo trip across Iceland. *Jealous*

Tunnel Trail Hike

22 Oct

Took an afternoon hike. Found a little frog hiding in a hole that still had some water left in it from last night!

Little frog friend!

Pin it!!!

21 Oct

So, I am officially addicted to Pinterest. It is problematic. Super fun though!

Furniture Project–TV Cabinet–Finished Product!!!

14 Oct

Final photo set for our newly finished TV console!




Furniture Project–TV Cabinet–Part III

4 Oct

The final process photos for our new TV cabinet. I’ll be finishing up and posting photos of it in our living room this weekend! =)

Had to take another trip to the lumber yard to buy hinges.

hinges hinges hinges

super strong flush hinge installed on the inside of the cabinet door.

assembled without doors on, unfinished, ready for staining

cabinet doors stained and ready for knobs

Furniture Project—TV Cabinet—Part II

19 Sep

More process photos from the new TV Cabinet project.

pocket drill jig getting the job done!

Door frame sides unrouted

door frame sides routed

frame glued up with insert

routed custom door insert by itself

Door installed with insert and a leg!